We value our commitment to comprehensive quality, both in the management of our human resources and in the provision of any of our services.

We want this commitment is the cause of the satisfaction of our customers, and the result that refer us to other people you trust to whom we can continue to help.

“Our services; availability, experience and help.”, is not a slogan, but the ideology of commitment to humane and personalized treatment with all our customers who trust us, whose interests are ours. We prioritize the benefit to the client.

Our goal is to invest in each case, the time and energy necessary to obtain successful results for our clients and thus achieve the satisfaction of themselves.

We want to become the trusted person of the client, a kind of personal counselor to trust and to whom you can turn at any time when you need help in any legal area or in any other area that we perform.

Everything we do is based on our desire for justice and economic security for our customers, many of whom face very difficult circumstances.

Throughout the processes, we intentionally seek to achieve a good relationship with our clients. This not only allows us to better understand your case, but also allows our lawyers work as a team to achieve successful results.

We are an interdisciplinary team composed of lawyers and professional economists with more than 15 years of experience, which support our success both in the legal field, especially in the field of family law, health law and civil liability, as in the advice legal to the company, including the fiscal, accounting, labor and commercial management of companies.

This experience has served to expand our work to the five current areas of action (civil, administrative, criminal, labor and mediation). Throughout our history, through constant training and experience, we have specialized in all areas of law that we practice. As experienced attorneys, we have an important list of successes.

{ Why Choose NBA? } Reasons

  • We develop genuine and trustworthy relationships with our clients
  • Comprehensive and personalized service
  • Close deal
  • Availability
  • Proven experience
  • Quality of services
  • Credibility, honesty and transparency
  • Languages
  • Communication
  • Cost optimization
  • Clarity from the beginning
  • We are flexible

Our priority is listen to our clients the needs, desires and problems. Hence, we promote a regular and fluid communication through different ways.


We are backed by years of experience in legal operations. Abroad and within Torrevieja, complemented by continuous and solid training.

Commitment and Professionalism

We work rigorously, which meets standards of excellence, with sincerity, efficiency, transparency and compliance with the ethics of the profession.

Calidad Servicios

Empeño y sistema de control de calidad que se dedica al trato honesto y a la resolución de problemas de forma rápida y eficaz.

We want to hear you

We give the best solution to your problem

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