We have a team of professionals with more than years of experience in the integral management of residential complexes and owner communities. We commit ourselves to the clients, assisting personally the owners, as many times is required, and inform them in their own language.


The experience permits us to tackle any kind of assignment with a guarantee and reliability, by establishing a coordination with all phases in continuous dialogue with the client and strictly meeting the deadlines established. We offer to you principally an absolute professionalism and responsibility in all tasks we carry out, with the support of our legal department.

  • The through drafting in various languages of the minutes of the corresponding General Meetings, detailing the economic data by entries and with details of each expense.
  • Direct attention to the president, to the board members, and any owners who request it.
  • Economic management of the community, with the commitment to achieve surplus in each fiscal year, and providing solutions in time and form of the incidents of each community.
  • Maintenance management of common areas (gardens, swimming pools, footpat, accesses etc.) and reparation of any defects that may occur.
  • Hiring of companies to maintain the common areas such as gardens and swimming pools, subject to the prior approval of the Board of Directors.

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