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The team of international consulting in NBA, works for helping and advising foreigners who wish to invest in Spain and/or establish their initial residence in one of the Spanish provinces. Our professionals, are able to manage and represent to their clients which procedures may be required for buying and selling of a house.


  • Management of the initial residence in Spain, as well profit-use as non-profit use, for European and non-community foreigners.
  • Renewal of residency in Spain for non-community foreigners.
  • Administration of the visas for travalling to Spain, for the residents of the Russian Federation.
  • Advice on immigration matters.


  • Procurement of the foreigners’ identification numbers (N.I.E.).
  • Drafting of contracts of buying and selling in Spanish or in the client`s language.
  • Representation of the client, in the whole buying process of the house, including signing of the deed of sale in his own name.
  • A guarantee by the means of an insurance policy, with an indemnity coverage to the client for the damages suffered, assuming that an error or non-fulfillment of an order has occured by the client.
  • Payment of the taxes to be charged in connection with the purchase and the management of the respective discharges, and the services that the acquired house requires.
  • After sale service specified by the client.

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